About Us

Welcome to Nepal Namaste from Navigate Outdoor.

We are pleased and excited to share our pride in our country and outstanding cultural experiences with our clients. Our outdoor leaders are highly qualified experience mountain & wilderness enthusiasts. They are experts in Nepalese culture. Our aim is to provide outstanding once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our guests, whether they are seasoned adventurers, or having their first major outdoor experience. Navigate Outdoor was founded with the aim of raising the bar for outdoor adventure in the Nepal Himalaya. Our fundamental principles are below.

We’re outdoor professionals. Our team shares a variety of outdoor experiences from around the world. They have decades of experience in outdoor settings. This, along with top quality internationally-certified gear, means your best experience is our priority. 

We will provide the best service to our clients. You are our first priority. We offer adaptive experiences for every type of traveler. We succeed in this pursuit by providing professional development to our staff to support their work performance. In turn, we expect our staff to provide every single Navigate Outdoor client with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We will strive to offer something different. We will do this by investing time in exploring new routes and engaging in Nepalese culture. We don’t want an experience you can find through internet photos. Your unique experience is special to us.

We will strive to contribute to Eco-friendly and responsible tourism in Nepal. We will do this by ensuring that our company and its clients are not harming the environment, using Leave No Trace principles and respecting local culture and their traditions.

We will strive to contribute to the next generation of responsible outdoor leaders. We will do this by organizing professional training to the new outdoor enthusiasts, and particularly empowering female leadership in the outdoor tourism industry.


Our mission is to offer sustainable travel, with respect to local culture and nature.

We incorporate sustainability in the design of all our adventure activities be it white water rafting or trekking tours. We promote our responsibility through our website and on our social media channels. We have partnered up with a sales platform that implements the same values and promotes responsible tourism.

We encourage our local business partners, such as accommodations, providers of excursions, transport companies, and activities to offer their services in a sustainable way and help them make progress.

We train and make our employees and guides aware of sustainability aspects of our trekking and rafting tours. We encourage them to participate in workshops organized by local non-profit organizations. We provide such training to all our employees.

We create awareness around sustainability to our customers during the planning and design phase of their itinerary. This is reinforced during a short briefing on the spot at the beginning of their trip and by providing information through our social media, websites to our clients.

The main goal of our sustainability policy is to minimize the negative impacts on the natural and social environments in Nepal and create real opportunities for local people to directly benefit from our tourism activities.

To guide us in working towards sustainability, we have created guidelines which we follow in our company and share with our partners and suppliers.

Sustainable travel is a never-ending process. We strive to continuously work towards our sustainability goals. If you would like to learn more about these goals and achievements then please find our two yearly reports here.

Since 2018 we have been participating in sustainability learning opportunities in various tourism workshops in Nepal as well as in Berlin, Germany from the 3 – 6 March 2020 (as part of our participation in the Import Promotion Desk tourism market access program).

Reducing single-use plastics

· We encourage our guests to use a refillable water bottle to help reduce single-use plastic waste. During trips, we offer guests and guide opportunities to refill bottles from water refilling stations.

· We are moving toward replacing single-use plastic bags with recyclable or reusable bags.

· We have a Carry In, Carry Out policy, and reuse and recycle plastic that we bring back from trips.


We support small family-run accommodations and community-based homestays that directly benefit local people and ensure local authentic experiences for our guests.


· We provide bikes to our office staff to help to reduce our carbon footprint.

· We brief our transport provider about sustainability and give tips on eco-driving.

Staff training and compensation

· We provide training on sustainability to our freelancers and staff which takes place pre-season in our guide house every year.

· We support our employees in their professional development by providing opportunities to improve their English language skills but also training on operational topics such as First Aid, Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT), and basic risk management.

· We believe in fair payment and compensate our staff for additional expenses such as travel, food, accommodation, and insurance.

Giving back and community cooperation

· We provide professional training to local communities and cooperate with them to bring adventure tourism to their region and provide training to ensure that they have a real understanding of the adventure travel industry and what it can bring them.

· We offer professional training free of charge and provide technical equipment as well as qualified instructors.

We follow a code of conduct against the abuse of children in tourism. We have trained ourselves and our staff on this matter and included this code of conduct in all our other policies and procedures.

About Our Guides:

We take our work seriously and operate responsibly. Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of leadership, communication, and risk management. Our staff are experts on nature and the culture of Nepal with most of them having grown up in the Himalayas. We strive to instill

respect for this sacred mountain area, and we take pride ourselves in doing our part to preserve its natural beauty, way of life, people, and cultural heritage. Our primary concern is our clients’ safety, comfort, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Chura Mani Aryal (Mani) MD

Chura Mani Aryal is a founder of Navigate Outdoor. I spent more than two-decade exploring and guiding Nepal’s remote wilderness, discovering new trekking routes, rafting rivers, and trails. I started work on my parent’s farm as soon as I could walk, fitting in school around daily buffalo/cow – herding duties. My first real job was selling vegetables from a bicycle in order to raise enough cash to put myself through college. Then, following a mixed career as a farmer, vegetable-seller, and factory – worker, my lucky break came when a family friend suggested I should try out for a local rafting company. I have not looked back since.

I have been working worldwide as an outdoor leader and rafting Instructor/guide since 1996. In 2006 I became the first Nepali to qualify River Instructor and Outdoor Leader with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in the US. NOLS is the premier internationally respected outdoor school in the United States. Many of my courses are a month-long, or more, in the American West. In 2011 I became a qualified river Instructor through IRF (International Rafting Federation) & 2016 I also participated as a certified river judge in Nepal. I hold my staff to the same standards that I have gained through experience. I always travel and share my knowledge and certify new rafting and outdoor leaders in the US and India but always make it back to Nepal in time for the first expedition and bring more experiences to the Nepalese outdoor industry.

I recently have been participated Himalayan White Water Challenge Organized by Nepal Association Of Rafting Agencies NARA and volunteer since I started my career in the rafting and outdoor tourism industry. I’m an internationally certified river Instructor/judge through the International Rafting Federation and have played vital roles as an Event Coordinator, head judge, and course director in the events of the rafting and kayaking championships in Nepal. I’m a founder president of the Himalayan River Guide Association in Nepal (HRGAN) inspired a new generation to support river guides and their rights and promoting skills in the outdoor tourism in the world.

Nepal known as one of the best whitewater rafting / recreational in the world sadly our best Rivers becoming concrete wall and loosing out potential best tourism destinations and job in Nepal. I personally cooperate with those organizations and support to raise voice and trained new commerce its value and affect in our industry. I volunteer when Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies and Himalayan River Guide organize awareness campaign on the Himalayan River in Nepal and else where.

Navigate Outdoor is in the upfront when the outdoor industry needs support both physical and financial support for the good cause and awareness program environment issues in the River and in the Himalayan.

My primary concerns are sustainability and fulfillment in our services and I’m responsible for my own duty /responsibility, worker’s right, tourism Industry, environments, and country.


Susan Subedi (Madan) International sale & marketing Director.

During his high school, Mr. Subedi visited Pokhara, where he observed many potential prospects and motivated in tourism.  After completion of his high school, Subedi went to Kathmandu for higher education, in the meantime, he was engaged in social organizations to understand and advocate tourism. He took participation in many tourism-related seminars and initiatives. He cooperatively strives in association with Nepal Tourism Board, corporate houses and other private and government organizations to conduct tourism seminars, events, and awareness of social and economic developments that travel and tourism can contribute to the nation.

Mr. Subedi is a dynamic person and has good knowledge of Geography, Tourism, Environment, sociology, History, and politics. During his higher education, he embraced an opportunity to work as a porter to guide tourists in the Himalayas. Despite unpredictable challenges, ups, and downs, his dedication to tourism always motivated himself to step ahead. Eventually, conducted his master thesis in River Tourism in Nepal.

Subedi keeps excellent knowledge from east to west and north to south of Nepal regarding the cultural and Natural circumstances. Subedi was an excellent trainer in motivation, communication, time management, team building etc.  In 2013 Subedi went to Australia for further study and completed his environment and geography degree where he specialized in tourism. He expresses his sincere gratitude to invest his knowledge and experience for adding value in travel and tourism development in Nepalese territory integrating tourism, environment, economy, and geography.

Khamsum Sherpa (Trekking Guide)



Khamsum Sherpa is one of our experienced senior trekking guides. Mr. Sherpa has been spent more than 2 decades exploring and guiding in the Nepalese Himalaya. He started his job as a porter Sherpa/ assistance guide and built his confidence to lead people in the high altitude in the Himalayan.

He has been trek almost 100% of the great Himalayan trails and led trips from varied adventure companies in Nepal. His work ethic, honesty, openness, and friendly behavior he always gets first priority and makes his trip very joyful and a lifetime experience.

We’re absolutely local and operated by professionals.
We’re hungry  to share our knowledge and experiences through our local experts and provide a-life-time experiences to our clients.