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People greet with the phrase “Namaste” meeting, and while leaving Dhanyabad. This leaves a good impression on local people & culture. Knowing a bit culture and language is always a great assets , especially while traveling in the countryside. Most of the peoples speak and understands Nepalese language, though we have more than 90 regional dialects across the country. New generation and teenage they speak little bit English and help you to translate with local.

We’re proud to  share few things, that will help your travel organization and logistics. 

You’re traveling one of the beautiful and mountain kingdom country Nepal, Small country with varied experiences you will get in small time. 

Tribhuwan International Airport is easy to navigate to immigration and baggage claim area.


Don’t have a visa no problem  Immigration of Nepal (at airport in arrival) they will  issue a visa on arrival   try get on this link that will give you all the idea on arrival visa and fees.

On Arrival Tourist Visa Fees  

15 Days – 30 USD

30 Days – 50 USD

90 Days – 125 USD


Many restaurants, hotel and shopping center accept Visa/credit cards, adventure companies they also accepts your cards with some extra charges like 3.5% to 4%. Bring some cash  that’s great back up in case ATMs and restaurant didn’t accept your cards, especially while you are traveling in the country side, cash would be great. There are so many money exchanges counters and ATM booths in main touristic places like Thamel, Durbar Marg and other places, and ATM allow you to withdraw Rs 15,000.00 to Rs 40,000.00 each time.


Plan to shopping in Kathmandu bargain is normal attitude most of the supermarkets and marts they have fixed price list/sticker. Traveling around by taxi go ahead and fixed the price before get in the cab. Many merchants will inflate the charge for tourists. Shoes off while entering a house, temples, Stupas, and Monasteries impolite to leave them on. At Temples and Stupas, always walk around in a clockwise rotation in the manner of Hindu and Buddhist customs & culture.


We strongly recommend follow the COVID19 protocol and government current recommendations.   Treat all open water before drink even teeth brushing and mouthwash. We recommend water filter or SteriPen or chlorine tabs great idea to bring along and minimize buying plastic bottles. Wash or peel fruit before eating, use napkins to dry your eating utensils especially street foods and local restaurants. The main reasons people GI stomach problems are from water while trekking careless on treating water and consuming uncooked veggies/salad.


We strongly recommend  travel with diarrhea med (Imodium) immediate stop med, and Antibiotic med (your own prescription drug) . For the high altitude Diamox and bunch of energy drinks/Vitamin-C,  Basic Personal First Aid Kit in case of small cuts/wounds and blister. We provide all above meds + group first aid kits each and every trip with instruction how to use them.

If you are traveling with any adventure outdoor company, please check their med kits, first aid skills and outdoor experience.


Navigate Outdoor recommends securing insurance prior to travel to Nepal for any emergency evacuation/ adventure/ personal health issue.


Book your hotel in advance especially in peak season (Oct-Nov) and (April-May) online or confirmed with your agency before arrive in Nepal. 


You can buy or rent most of the outdoor gear  in Nepal for all kind of adventure like hiking/trekking, climbing, and whitewater rafting both in the Kathmandu and in the Pokhara. We do recommend arriving with a pair of sturdy trekking shoes that you have already broken in for comfort.

Connect with your people

You can buy local GSM SIM cards in arrival or near your hotel in local shops either in Kathmandu or Pokhara for all kinds of phone. You can also top up with some internet packages you can use in mountain to connect your people through internet and post your beautiful pictures too.

Most of the trekking destinations have cellphone receptions or wireless phone you can use in case of emergency or support you need from your people.

Nepal is a gulf of high mountains, and the longest Himalayan range, and world’s 2nd  richest in fresh water.

Even though many companies offer same packages and  prices; we claim different then other because our company run by professional outdoor leader and dedicated for Nepalis youth and the local environments.

Navigate Outdoor owned by local and specialized on small individual and small groups, we deal our clients directly, and lead by local expert who has more than 2 decade experiences in the related field .

Feel free to contact us for further info and concerns, we’re  ready to share current situation and our experiences to make your trip much more comfortable and memorable while you are in Nepal.

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