2nd December 2018

The hidden valley

Ganesh Himalayan mountain range is the vast unknown and unexplored culture and language in Nepal.  The landscape diverse geology, tradition and custom is unique fascinating mindblowing. It’s amazing to see those people still happy heavily believing in Buddhists and in Karma (the life cycle). The old generation hardly speaks any Nepalese language, the new generation watches Bollywood movies and has tab and smarts phones and learning English and outside lifestyle. They trade more so from Tibetan small town than Nepal.  Practicing  Tibetan Buddhist tradition and lama Bonpo is the main attraction in the region. 

This valley has known one of the remote regions of the Gorkha district in Nepal. Now slowly people accepting others, allowing people in their Gomba ad Stupas to participate in puja and ceremony including entering trier private houses. After the earthquake (2015), this valley rapidly growing for tourist interest and attractions guest houses and hotels are starting building and opening for the tourism business.  Yet finding the way to operate the quality tourism and services. Way of their life and tradition is such a different and absolutely virgin for the outside western culture.

Go with the flow and enjoy the differents culture, ready for being comfortable using very basic daily necessities. Carry your own sleeping mattresses sleeping bags and enough snacks with your own first aid kits/medication. Mindful and open-minded, ask before taking pictures and ware respectful cloths to ensure that your action doesn’t impact negatively. Take off your shoes and ask before you enter the monastery and their house even kitchen. on the local culture flora & fauna and geology of Himalayan. Simply we can use a bandanna for our hygiene than carrying lots of wiping paper and creating the trace, bring a water bottle and treat rather buying bottled beverages, the drink can beer reducing the amount of beer bottle trace.

I suggest eat simple food Daalbhat, lentil, and mixed veg stable food, and try their local food. Enjoy the beauty of the valley, role model leave minimum impact and travel in small groups and stay in the smaller guest house or even with the family that supports the local people to sustain and continue staying in the harsh environment and keep live museum for other visitor.  Let’s practice “Leave No Trace” principle and ethics pack in & pack out our organization’s leader we strictly follow this principle, brief out guest too.

Manaslu round trek

Chorten & Mani are built for the memory people/history of the valley and Buddhist culture as well as memorial aspect people lost their life. The wall full written Mantra in the Tibetan language standing both sides often walks clockwise and put a piece of rock. Those walls stand entrance of the village.

Chhekya Tsum valley.





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