11th April 2020

Sustainable travel


Our mission is to offer sustainable travel, with respect to local culture and nature.

We incorporate sustainability in the design of our adventure activities both whitewater rafting & trekking/travel. We promote the responsibility of our website and on our social media channels. We partner up with a Western platform that implements the same values, promoting and working in a sustainable.

We encourage our local business partners, such as accommodations, providers of excursions, transport companies activity to offer their services in a sustainable way and make progress.

We train and make our employees and guides aware of sustainability during trekking, rafting, and expeditions. We encourage them to participate in workshops organize by local Non-profit organizations. We provide such training to all our employees every now then.

We create awareness around sustainability with our customers during the design of their travel, during a short briefing on the spot at the beginning of their trip and providing information through our social media, websites to our clients.

Our main goal is sustainability policy, minimizing all the negative impacts on the natural and social environments in Nepal and create the opportunity to direct benefits for the local people.

To guide us in working towards sustainability, we created some guidelines we follow in our company.

Sustainable travel is a never end. We strive to make continuous efforts to work towards sustainability.

Sustainable travel is a never-ending process. We strive to make continuous efforts to work towards sustainability. You find our two yearly reports here. 

Since 2018 we are participated in IPD workshop learning Sustainability and European markets, participated in a workshop held in Berlin Germany 3rd – 6th March 2020.

Reducing single-use plastics

  • Encourage our guests to use a water bottle that reduces plastic one-time-use bottles and or refills water from the water refill stations.
  • We’re moving toward no plastic to use recycle bags and encourage our supplier too.
  • Pack in pack out and use recycled plastic.


We are moving forward and support small family-run accommodations and community-based homestay that directly benefit local and get local authentic experiences.


  • We provide bikes to our office staff that reduces the time to reach in the place and also support the environment.
  • We had a small workshop teach to our transport provider about sustainability and their role in sustainable tourism.

Staff training, and basic payment.

  • We provided additional pieces of training on sustainability to our freelancers: they taking part in our pre-season in our guide house. Our employees are local we support their personal growth like English language classes, and additional training like: first-aid, Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT).
  • We pay more than minimum wages of local governments that enforce by the Local development community, and also support their family especially school fees for kids.

Giving back and cooperation

  • We cooperate with the local municipality to provide professional training that directly helps and support to bring local youth in the adventure tourism.
  • Donates technical equipment’s and free instructions.

 We’re aware of the code of conduct against abuse of children in the tourism industry. We trained our self and staff on this matter and implemented this in all our other documents.



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