Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve tour

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour

Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserved located in eastern part of Nepal with access from Mahendra Highway takes 10 hrs overland journey or 45 min flight to Biratnagar (2hours drive Biratnagar to Koshi Tappu) from Kathmandu.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a protected area in the Terai of eastern Nepal covering 175 square kilometers (68 sq mile) of wetlands in the Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur Districts. It comprises extensive mudflats, reed beds, freshwater marshes in the floodplain of the Sapta-Kosi River, and ranges in altitude from 75 to 81 m (246 to 266ft). It was established in 1976 and designated as a Ramsar site in December 1987.

A wide range of animal inhabitants the protected area. In its water courses and pond, 200 species of fish have been recorded, most of which are resident. Two toad species, nine frog species, six lizards’, five snakes and eleven turtle species are recorded.

The 31 species of mammals recorded including the Asian elephant, spotted deer, hog deer, wild boar, smooth-coated otter and golden jackal. The Ganges river dolphin has sighted in the Kosi River, Gaur and blue bull have been declined in numbers.

Nepal’s last remaining population of 150 wild buffalo inhabits the area. This population has now grown to a total of 432 individuals with an annual growth rate 7.27%, according to the latest census out in 2016.

Notable among the 485 birds species are water-cock, Indian Nightjar, dusky eagle-owl, black-head cuckoo shrike, white-tailed stone-chat, straight grass-bird, large adjutant stork, Allas’s fish eagle, common golden-eye and gull-billed swamp Francolin and Rufous-vented babbler occur as well.