COVID-19 safety protocol 2020

COVID-19 Safety protocol and risk management 2020

Current situation and requirements

We’re ready for 2022, all our expeditions and day activities are open, and start to operate those activities in the Himalayan. Nepal has offered lots of open space, off beaten track, and a variety of options for those who want to escape and safely explore the hidden Himalayas during the Covid 19 situation in a small group or individual.

 The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is a new and unfamiliar virus. The risk of contracting the illness COVID-19 on Navigate Outdoor expeditions and outdoor trips cannot be scaped, but we have identified mitigation strategies to reduce that risk in a pre-vaccine environment. Our staff and outdoor leader are vaccinated and follow the government’s rules and regulations.

With those strategies in place, we believe the risk can be managed appropriately. We have operated small groups, couples, & individuals last 5-6 months and our clients are 16 years old, 16 years old, and over they have the skills types and demographics with which our modified practices can be more effectively implemented with more consistent compliance.

We trained our Trip leader, Guides, and porter regarding Covid-19 and safety while traveling and operating trips in the remote wilderness Himalayan. On the longest trip/expedition we will consider a place shift after some time when we can reasonably assume that the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the group is reduced. Our medical advisors support these tactics.

Overarching Principles for Navigate Outdoor’s COVID-19 Risk Management

  • Informed agreement
  • Physical distancing ( A ↔ B)
  • Face coverings masks when physical distancing is not possible
  • Increased attention to hygiene, with a focus on hands

Before booking expedition/trips

These are the world’s best-identified practices as of May 2020, we expect that practices will shift as we understand more about COVID-19 and gain experience managing this new risk in the expedition context.

Nepalese government CCMC provides the current situation of Covid-19 infection and general requirements like RT-PCR test before travel (72hrs), and vaccination situation.

  1. Informed consent
  2. We’ll add new queries about your personal information including respiratory illness and Coronavirus, Navigate Outdoor will not accept if they have pre-health conditions above.
  3. Guest will be provided a COVID-19 specific outlines Navigate Outdoor is mitigated COVID-19 risk on expeditions.
  4. We kindly request to submit or inform your prior health conditions and RT-PCR test.
  5. More flexible expedition cancellation policy and 100% refund before the trip starts within 72hrs prior.

Guest arrival

  1. COVID-19 practices and briefing upon arrival include physical distancing, immediate personal hygiene, and using face covering when physical distancing is not possible.
  2. Guest sign COVID-19 code of conduct.


  1. Reduce capacity in vehicles by approximately 50% and everyone wears a face-covering mask and gloves during travel/transport.
  2. The vehicle is disinfected after and before use.
  3. Minimize public exposure and use public restrooms.
  4. Hand washes and hand sanitizer immediately and handy with our crew.


  1. We strongly recommend booking a single room, unless couples, or family with private attached bathrooms. (Strongly recommend bringing your own sleeping bag)
  2. Meals: everyone can eat in places that support physical distancing and airflow, Face covering for all interactions with the crew, locals, and other visitors.
  3. Maintaining physical distancing in town and the local market, avoiding crowded market.


On the field

  1. Each person gets one tent, couple, and family can share tents.
  2. Meals will minimize the use of shared surfaces or offering others by hand.
  3. Everyone eats outside or in places that support physical distancing and airflow.
  4. Using mask while outfitting clients (while helping others)
  5. All the food prepare and serve by designated staff, staff will be equipped with appropriate clothing masks, store all the expedition food in the barrel, and or store in the cooler.
  6. All vegetables will be washed and shock in the iodized at least 20 minutes before cooking.
  7. Individuals will sleep physically distanced and with shelter set-ups that enable airflow.
  8. We’ll provide a single tent or single room in the tea house trekking, rafting expedition, and not shared.
  9. Tarps: on rafting, expedition two people can sleep under a single trap that provides ventilation and appropriate physical distance.
  10. We’ll be careful while preparing, serving meals to our guests, and use all the above measures.

Office staff management

  1. Face & nose covering mask for all interactions with clients, other staff members, and members of the public if / when physical distancing is difficult or impossible.

Field practices:

There are our best-identified practices as of date 06/15/2020, we expect that practices will shift as we understand more about COVID-19 and gain experience managing this new risk in expedition context. This practice will be implemented for a minimum of two weeks of an expedition (less than two weeks we will be following this practice). We will consider a phase shift after two weeks when we can reasonably assume that the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the group will be reduced. Phase 2 will entail a more normal operating routine e.g. for clients and crew members (with associated documentation) including particular attention to the following symptoms:

  1. Cough
  2. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  3. Fever chills, or repeated shaking with chills
  4. Muscle pain unrelated to physical activity
  5. Sore throat

Hygiene & Cleaning

  • Each guest provides a hand sanitizer, and a liquid hand washes soap bottle.
  • Group handwashing before and after eating group meals
  • Other times as necessary, after toileting, etc.
  • Participants wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently while engaging with shared surfaces ( e. g. tent pitching, camp setting, and setting up other group chores)
  • Minimize face-touching and physical contact.
  • One KN-95 Mask and 5 the normal mask will be provided
  • Mask will be worn while physically contacting necessary.
  • The cotton mask can be washed regularly with soap and water and can be reused in rotation.


  • Anyone showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated from other group members.
  • A caregiver and the patient will wear masks and gloves
  • A person with COVID -19 symptoms, who meets our COVID-19 evacuation criteria, will be evacuated from the trip.
  • If someone in a group develops s/s COVID-19, asymptomatic people can remain in the field and be monitored unless they volunteer to leave the expedition or field.
  • Evacuation fees will be bearer by guest/ participant self; Navigate outdoor will be supported as needed.

Current situation and requirements:

  • While traveling you must have an RT-PCR test within 72hrs.
  • Trip itinerary and details from the local company.
  • Vaccination: Vaccinate not required quarantine. if you are not required to quarantine for 10 days in a hotel.
  • On arrival from:   fill up and bring a print copy while boarding.
  • You don’t need to book a hotel prior to your travel for quarantine.