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My experiences in the Himalayan,  learned in the Himalayan in Manaslu round and Tsum valley trekking. I would like to share what I experienced how we impact in the beautiful wild and pristine high mountain villages. We can make a change keep that mountain village as pristine as before and become responsible in the outdoor adventure industry and increase our opportunities for our people in Nepal.

Start take a action, teach and role model both our employees and youth locally. It’s our own problem so we should tell them not to burn tin cans, glass bottles, and plastic, minimize those item or stop using those product. We can organize small campaign and awareness program where we stay overnight and encourage them to use local product and share custom with tourist. Encourage and request our guests/client’s minimize impact and buying those product that directly effect in the global warming and our pristine village. Instead buying bottle water encourage to use filter and boiled water for drinking. 

Here are few pictures from Chhekungparo open dumping sites!

Here are a few things we can now and  aware of to keep our mountain, and its environment clean and pristine and support to clean Himalayan and Sherpa people.

How can we sustain our outdoor adventure and our environment?

  • Educate in the environmental effect and its value.

Brief guests and mention about our impact in the mountain; request them to use the local product if it is possible, and carry environment-friendly product like use water Vs toilet paper, bring own towel and bandannas reduce other papers like face wipe and use Eco-friendly products etc.

  • Respect local culture and tradition.

Wear long sleeve  T-shirt and hiking pants  and aware of local tradition and outfit, do not expose your valuable items, and encourage children (play with local but do not show your valuable things)

  • Do not feed wildlife.

Please don’t leave any food crumbs and leftover food on the trail /forest that attract wildlife & get habituated. Don’t offer any food to local dogs they start to follow you and end up a different place. Please don’t offer any sweets and other items directly to village kids they become a greedy (if you’re planning to give anything  please give to their parents or school).

  • Pack in pack out

Bring what you need for your trip;according to packing list and be responsible & accountable. If you can pick up some trace on the way out and carry  back to the actual dumping sites that help and support the local environment and role model.

Update staff and trip leader with your  policy and  clarify expectations and be a good role model.

These seems simple can be huge problem, but can make difference in our environment and in our tourism industry.

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Are we responsible adventure company?

Have we ever thought about our impact in the local community and environment?

Have we ever think what’s our clients learn and bring messages back home from this trip!