Be creative and responsible

Be creative and responsible in our job.

Discuss over the creativity, positivism and productivity in the outdoor adventure.

Support small local business, focused on building trust and be a cooperative to each other.

We all know if we don’t start now, it will be too late to preserve our beautiful Himalayan becoming from dumping sites. Our small steps and effort can make change and make different in the popular trekking and climbing destinations. Nepal is a world’s number one adventure and culture destination. Our rivers becoming easy dumping sites, not knowing impact in downstream live and livestock as well as human culture and pilgrimage. Rivers are becoming concrete dam and huge lake, world’s best white-water rafting destination becoming history, and destroying our Eco-system and global warming.

 Be honest, open, think responsibly educates our leaders the important of environment and outdoor adventure tourism industry tied up and connect from grass level; known that we’re all in same boat. Save the environment, save the Himalayan and rivers.

 “Together we win divide we beg”. “Together we can make change”. Everything is possible.

Be responsible; be honest in our action support each-other. Let’s make a move one step at time join hands for Leave No Trace and preserve our mountains and rivers for next generation.

Educate local, give them insights of the possibilities and opportunities that create from their own unique custom and culture and remote village/mountains.

Discourage import, encourage local product and be real.

Advocate for good cause and save the environments.

Navigate Outdoor always ready for the any help and support needed.