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There are few other places in the world with such a harmonious blend of the cultures as Nepal. Take a cultural tour in the Kathmandu valley to discover about the Newari founders, take an ox & horse cart village tour in the Terai region to truly discover Nepal’s fascinating mix of cultures and tradition.

Nepali’s appropriate weather, fertile soil and natural setting were the worthwhile position for many emperors and tribes to settle in the history. Various, mighty, dynasties ruled Nepal throughout the episodes of the history, brining many cultural and religious perspectives to this tiny land.

Respective to geography and religion, Nepal’s cultural environment is as diverse as its natural settings. However, Nepal now is a federal democratic republic country since 2007. Nepal has more than 100 ethnicities and protects every religion beliefs and practices.

Geographical Nepal divided into three layers: Himalayan region, Greater Himalayan/Mid hills and Terai/flat region. Nepal has 8 highest peaks out of 14 peaks over 8000 meter in the world. Himalayan region is the home of legendary Sherpas and people from High plateau Tibet who are famous for mountain climbing and carrying heavy load in the high mountains.

Mid- greater Himalayan/hills of Nepal populated by many hills tribes of Nepal like Gurung, Magar, Rai. Limbu, Tamang, Chhetris, Brahmins, Newars etc. Before the unification of the modern Nepal, Gurung, Rai, magar, Tamang had their independent countries, and still have their independent culture; manner of practicing religion, language, cuisine, music and dance and their architectural settlement is distinct to each other.

Newars, being indigenous the Kathmandu valley, are rich in metal works, art, crafts, and building castles and temples. Chhetries and Brahmins are hindus by religions and historians state they are ancient settlers of Karnali region of Nepal. They have carried their cultural values – with them – wherever they settled.

Terai is the home of Tharu tribes, and Madhesis. They have distinctive cultures and lifestyle, though their social life is influenced by Aryan culture and Hindu religion. The tradition, custom, art & pottery, and language resemble the ancient Aryan culture and civilization. Being a hot province of Nepal, people of Terai region wear light cotton cloths but yet works hard during the daytime.

Navigate Outdoor organize guided cultural tour & travels in Nepal. Our tour leaders have been working and sharing their experiences more than decade. We also provide your language speaking tour leaders.

We customize your travel and tour in Nepal from 1 day to malty days tour in Nepal and run combo both adventure tour and cultural tour within Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet.


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Kayaking courses / Kayak clinic

Kayaking courses / Kayak clinic   Navigate Outdoors kayaking lesions provide you with the opportunities to learn the dynamic sport of Kayaking

Duration: 1-5
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3-5 days Shuklaphata Wildlife Tour/safari 2023/2024

3-5 days Shuklaphata Wildlife National Park jungle safari with community homestay| Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve was managed as a hunting reserve beginning 1969.

Duration: 1-5days
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2-3 days Koshi Tappu wildlife jungle safari tour 2023/24

2-3 days Koshi Tappu wildlife jungle safari tour 22023/2024 Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserved located in the eastern part of Nepal with access

Duration: 1 - 5 days
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Bardiya Wildlife jungle safari with community Home-stay

 Bardiya National Park jungle safari with community homestay| Bardiya National Park is a Protected area in Nepal that was established in 1988

US$ 550 $650
Duration: 2-5days
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Chitwan National Park jungle safari 2024/2025

Chitwan National Park jungle safari with local authentic experiences. Chitwan National Park is one of the premier and popular jungle safari and

US$ $155.00 $$165.00
Duration: 1 - 3days
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Visit Lumbini Buddha Birth Place

  Visit Lumbini Buddha Birth Place The Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC in the sacred area of Lumbini located in

US$ On request
Duration: 2-5days
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Kathmandu valley leisure Tour

Culture & Sightseeing Tours  Nepal is home to a wealth of culture and history, which many people miss in their hurry to

US$ $999.00 $$1050.00
Duration: 3 to 6 days
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